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As part of the Quality Assessment process and the reforms being undertaken at an institutional level, such as the revision of the Articles of Association and Regulations and the drafting of the Faculty’s Code of Ethics, the organisational model had to be redesigned in order to comply not only with the principles of the Articles of Association and current legislation, but especially with the Faculty’s strategic objectives, which provide the best definition of the institution’s vision and mission and the future directions outlined in the Institutional Strategic Plan 2015-2020.
Faced with the growing complexity of universities, which are becoming increasingly demanding and competitive, it is essential to restate the fundamental values and principles that underpin the Faculty’s identity with an integrated vision of the management of human resources, redesigning its structure to favour effectiveness and quality, as well as the transparency and openness of the entire institution.
This section of the website lists the Faculty’s governing bodies, both individuals and groups, and the management bodies that help the academic authorities to achieve their institutional aims.

Governance bodiestorna su


  • Chancellor
    Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco
  • Vice Chancellor
    Yvonne REUNGOAT
    Superior General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (or Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco)
  • Dean
    Piera Silvia RUFFINATTO
  • Vice Dean
    Grazia LOPARCO


  • Academic Council
    Piera Silvia RUFFINATTO

    Vice Dean:
    Grazia LOPARCO

    Director of the Institute of Educational Methodology:
    Martha SÉÏDE

    Director of the Institute of Catechetical Methodology:
    Antonella MENEGHETTI

    Director of the Institute of Psychological Research in Education:
    Giuseppina DEL CORE

    Full Permanent Academic Staff:
    Maria SPÓLNIK
    Alessandra SMERILLI

    Delegate of Other Permanent Academic Staff:
    Maria Antonia CHINELLO

    Delegate of Adjunct Academic Staff:

    Delegate of the Directors of University Colleges:

    Student Delegate:

  • Board of Lecturers
  • Board of Students

Management bodiestorna su

  • Board of Directors
  • Library Council
  • Journal Management Committee
  • Degree/Specialisation Degree Boards
  • PhD Board
  • Diploma Boards
  • Quality Assessment Board
  • Institutional Communication Board
  • Ethics Board

Administrative stafftorna su

CERUTI Maria Giovanna

VALENTINO Maria Antonietta


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Jacques Maritain