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Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education

promote the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in educational sciences. It trains educators capable of operating with a holistic vision of the individual and of education in both formal and non-formal structures and services for all stages of development, with special attention given to the family, to childhood, to difficulties and marginalisation faced by minors, to interculturality, and to leadership. It provides a basis for further specialisation in the field of social education.

Master’s Degree in Planning and Coordination of Socio-Educational Services

train professionals capable of planning, managing, evaluating and coordinating educational activities with a holistic vision of the individual and of education within the vast and complex range of social and educational services for children, adolescents, families, for people with disabilities, for the disadvantaged and those who are marginalised.

L'educazione dell'uomo è un risveglio umano

Jacques Maritain